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Moving Tips

Before move day, you’re going to want to gather as much information about moving as possible and there are plenty of sites you can get this information from, but why not get it from a trustworthy moving company? Even if you don’t choose us as your moving company, we are here to help you in any way possible, even if we can pass on some of our valuable knowledge.

Packing Supplies

While you could save money by going to a liquor store and taking whatever boxes they have laying around, we advise against it. Though we’d love to save you some money, boxes are not where you should be skimping. While a box you get from the liquor store may appear to be exactly the same as a moving box, moving boxes are specifically designed for just that. If you use a box you get on craigslist or from your local liquor store, you may have extra room in the box and if you put something fragile in it, you could end up breaking your item all together. Please get the right supplies when it comes to packing your belongings, so you don’t have to worry about your wedding china breaking on the way to your new home.

Long Distance Move

Looking to move outside of New York? Also, not a problem. MMB Trucking and Moving Inc. can pack, transport and unpack your belongings whether you’re moving in New York or moving to New Mexico. We are here to help make your transition from home to home, smoothly and successfully and are ready to help when you need us to.

Packing Plates

Instead of laying dishes flat and stacking them upwards, stack your plates as if they were records. We realize we may be dating ourselves by mentioning records, but we do have over 20 years of experience, so you should trust us. This is the absolute best way to pack dishes, you can pack more plates, there’s no left-over space in the box, plus they won’t bang around as much during the commute, lowering the risk of breaking one.

Gather multiple quotes

While all of us want to save money, sometimes choosing the cheapest mover, isn’t always the best choice. In the moving industry, a lot of the times, you get what you pay for, and unfortunately a lot of the time, the cheapest movers aren’t the most careful movers. They’ll get the job done, but at the cost of your belongings. That’s why it’s important to get multiple estimates so you can get a range and pick which company best suites your needs. While they may be a little more expensive, it’s less traumatizing all of your items being broken or losing them to a rogue mover.

Involve the kids

While it can be stressful and emotional having your children pack, it can help them adjust to the idea of having to move to a new house. Having them pack their room or helping them pack their room can go a long way and potentially get them excited about the move.

Pack Ahead of Time

Packing is time consuming and stressful, especially if you save it for the week of your move. You’d be surprised how much stuff you accumulate and how stressful it is to pack it all in just one week. Plan out your move and start the process at least a month in advanced. Especially if you have kids, there is an adjustment period when it comes to moving and being asked to pack everything they own in just one week is a difficult task for even the most experienced mover. Stay organized and pace yourself and everything will go smoothly.

Change your address

Make sure to change your address with the USPS at least a week BEFORE you move into your new home. The last thing you want is to have your bills sent to your old address, but on the off chance they do, leave your forwarding address with the new homeowners, so you can make sure your mail gets to your new address.

Hire a Sitter

As we previously stated, involving your kids in the move is very important when it comes to them adjusting to the idea of moving, but on move-in day, having children running around can be stressful for you. Hiring a sitter to watch the kids, or even take them to the park, so they’re out of your hair and out of the moving company’s way.

Rooming with a Friend

Moving in with friends? Instead of splitting the cost for everything, split up the item list, that way, when you move out, you don’t have to figure out how to split up the items, you just take whatever you paid for and the list of items you have to buy will be shorter.

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